The article discusses the context of urbanization in Albania and stakeholders involved in the field of urban planning. It describes the existing urban situation and the evolution over the years. It provides and analyzes the main approaches implemented by the government in the urban area.

He also, specifically examines the functioning of urban layer and the role of government. At the same time explains the relationship between urban growth and urban policies and tools to make local government more efficient,

including the legalization issues.

It analyzes the main problems under the current legal, institutional and regulatory, focusing on their main components. Special attention is given to opportunities to promote sustainable and integrated development at the regional level.
This document has been prepared using data collected from surveys and reports, especially:
Preliminary Structure Plan of Greater Tirana, LMTF 1995; Regional Study Corridor Tirana-Durres GTZ, and one of the most important studies of 2002, the Strategic Plan for Greater Tirana.

The document is supported by the material such as “Tirana – Challenge of Urban Development”, 2003, “ICR Implementation Completion Report of Urban Land Management Project”, 2005, “Demographic Atlas of Albania”, 2003 and “Urban Sector Review in Albania”, September 2006, World Bank.

The article examines existing Albanian laws, especially: “On Territorial Planning” and “Organization and Functioning of Local Government”, and other urban-related legislation.

It reflects changes over time and shows dramatic changes in the region after 1990, not only politically and administratively, but also about the structure of the population, migration, and new developments in the urban area.
The document filed in a global context of urbanization and regional development. It presents a brief of its history and the issues facing Tirana-Durres regions and planning for their needs.

Key Words

Regional planning; urbanization, sustainable development, local governance, law, land.

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