“Arkimade” is a private company Ltd, situated in Tirana, Albania. This company started the activity in the beginning of year 2006 and offered services in the fields of Urban Design and Architecture.

In July 2010 “Arkimade” expanded its services operating not only in the fields of Urban Design and Architecture, but also in Construction, Roads, Water Supply and Sewerage and their supervision as well.

“Arkimade” staff is made by very experienced engineers and technicians working since its early establishment in Albania and Kosovo.

“Arkimade” has realized many projects by different contractors. This company is involved in many big projects for new buildings and rehabilitations as well. These buildings include social and education buildings such as:
Social Centers,
Business Centers,
Multifunctional Buildings,
Civic Buildings,
Residential Buildings,

In these big projects Arkimade” is involved in preparation of the:
Project Documentation,
Bidding Documents,
Bidding Proposals Assessment,
Conceptual and Detailed Design,
Bill of Quantity,
Supervision of Works including supply with different equipment and furniture’s.

Also, the Company and its staff have been involved in the field of property evaluation, feasibility studies, urban planning and resettlement plans consultancy, hydro-geology and geo-technical investigations as well. All the work is based on the applied local standards environment biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage and labor safety of World Bank, IDA, IFC performance standards 1-8, United Nations, EU frameworks and directives, etc.

The above mentioned projects have been financed by European Council, World Bank, UNDP-Albania, USAID-Albania, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Municipality of Tirana, Durres, Kamza, Shkodra, Lezha, Korça, Saranda and other important private foreign and local companies.